SIZE: 1000000 sf

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan



At the conceptual level, the design of the building is conceived of as an egg, with a hard shell on the exterior and a multi-layered interior that becomes progressively rich as one moves towards the center. Overall, the exterior facade is designed, not as a single building, but as a linear ribbon of varying patterns, textures and colors that give a hint of the activities contained within. One significant façade pattern is the full-height natural green-screen on the entire north side that softens the visual impact of the building and provides an identifiable landmark to the passengers riding the train. Other patterns include a curved façade of opaque and translucent corrugated panels that appear, at night, like fireflies gathering around each of the entries. The exterior of the building is intended to express the vibrant, playful and contemporary spirit of the area and to reflect, in an abstract fashion, the “green and water” symbols of the city of Misato.


The two basic components of the project are the 2 level interior concourse, and the exterior retail component, which creates a connective tissue between the JR train station, and the community to the west.


The exterior retail component, similar to the town squares of ancient times, culminates in a central public space crowned with an oval shade structure and adorned with the symbols of the community; specimen trees, water fountains and a large area for outdoor café seating. The space is lined on all sides by cafes, food vendors and restaurants on 2 levels. One area is dedicated to a children’s play area that features an interactive water fountain, reflecting pool and climbable landscape mounds.