SIZE: 62900 sf

LOCATION: Hobbs, New Mexico

STATUS: In Progress


A new catalytic redevelopment project aimed at restoring housing in the downtown area of a small town growing rapidly due to gas and oil exploration. The structures cover approximately three quarters of a city block. Together with an existing building on an adjacent lot the building create and enclose a small civic space to be used for farmers markets and other events. A small splash pad is included in the civic space. Together with a new Boys and Girls Club across the street the project and civic space begin to create a “kid-centric” zone in the downtown area to spur family activities. The residential buildings are organized by new urban principles and surround two shaded courtyards. Anticipating that all three bedroom units will be occupied by families, these units are placed on the ground floor and have a small private, enclosed outdoor yard. Deep openings in the building facade provide shading of windows and doors. Roll down shades on the patios provide afternoon sun protection and color to the project.